Charlotte Mason University Model Education
First day:
September 4th, 2018

Are you looking for an alternative to public school and something more affordable than a private school? Much like a micro-school we are a homeschool cooperative, which means that everyone has the opportunity to help out and be apart of their child's learning. We do not use grades but place children according to competency level. We do provide end of the year testing if desired. Our curriculum is designed to be customized to children's learning styles, while still allowing parents to fill in their own subjects at home.

Mom's Day Out

Our Mom's Day Out program is for siblings apart of our regular program. If there are openings for those who do not have siblings in the program we will open registration for all. This program features Memoria Press, & Horizon curriculum as well as fine and gross motor skill development. For ages 2-3.

Primary Classrooms

Our class features multi-age groups that encourage real world social scenarios such as a college classroom or work place enviornment. Classes are recommended for ages 4 through 15. Our curriculum is hand picked to encourage critical thinking and a love of learning. Charlotte Mason taught that lessons should be beautiful, interactive and a full buffet of learning. We teach social studies and geography through history and our math and science program is a multi sensory program. We do several project based learning assignments throughout the year. Additional enrichment classes taught throughout the year will be violin piano, art, maker studio and Spanish. Pricing will vary. We have two day programs starting with Tuesday and Thursday or Monday, Wednesday once our first group has been filled.

Pre-k & Kinder

Our Prek-K use Memoria Press, Math U See, and Handwriting without tears. Hours are from 8:30 am to 1pm, tuition is $250.

SAND Primary Classes

For our primary grades we split up the classrooms 1st-3rd & 4th-6th, etc. We use a more Charlotte Mason approach for these primary grades.

  • Flex classrooms
  • Multi-sensory, hands on learning.
  • Enrichment in music, nature studies foreign language and art.
  • Project based lessons
  • Sibling Preschool
  • Frequent Fieldtrips


  • Preschool drop off rate (2's & 3's only): $150 monthly, classes are T&TH
  • Drop off Pre-k, Kinder and Primary class: $250 monthly
    Primary classes are from 8:30 AM to 1:00pm Tuesdays and Thursdays.

  • Volunteer Rate Tuition for Kinder and up - $75 monthly

    Space is limited and volunteers must attend all training and be interviewed by panel. Parents volunteer three times a month to help the preschool, kinder rooms or primary rooms on a rotation. Volunteering parents will need to train in all subjects of the curriculum and should be comfortable speaking in front of a group of kids. Volunteers may ask to be substitute teachers and fill in for a main teacher when they are sick. Volunteering is not for everyone, discipline style has to align with SAND's philosphies.

    How Do I Join?

    After conducting an observation and interview, a non refundable registration of $60 will hold your spot. After that the book fee will be used to place your order. This is between $50-$150 depending on grade level. Once you have completed an interview and paperwork, you are all set.