Charlotte Mason Education
First day: September 5th
Mother's Day Out

Our prek/kinder class is on Tuesday and Thursday from 9am to 12pm, tuition is $250. We use a semi-classical approach with our Memoria Press materials ensuring a love of learning.

Homeschool class

Our class features multi-age groups that encourage real world social scenarios such as a college classroom or work place enviornment. Classes are recommended for ages 4 through 15. Our curriculum is hand picked to encourage critical thinking and a love of learning. Charlotte Mason taught that lessons should be beautiful, interactive and a full buffet of learning. We teach social studies and geography through history and our math and science program is a multi sensory program. Enrichment classes taught throughout the year will be music appreciation, art, and Spanish.

SAND Primary Classes

  • Flex classrooms
  • Multi-sensory, hands on learning.
  • Enrichment in music, nature studies foreign language and art.
  • Project based lessons
  • Sibling Preschool
  • Frequent Fieldtrips

Are you looking for an alternative to public school and something more affordable than a private school? We are a homeschool cooperative, which means that everyone has the opportunity to help out. One parent from each family volunteers twice a month to help the preschool or kinder rooms. If you are unable to donate your time you can pay a drop of tuition of $300. We are excited to use the expertise of our parents to train our children in a beautiful and joyful learning enviornment


  • Mom's Day Out: $250
  • Drop off primary class: $300
    Classes are from 8:30 AM to 12:30pm Tuesdays and Thursdays
  • Foto

    Amanda Harring | Primary Teacher


    Anjelica Torres | Kinder Teacher


    Jessica Oren | Co-Founder


    Dusty Sanoon | Director