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Classes for early learning through 12th grade.

Our co-op features multi-age groups that encourage real world social scenarios. Classes are grouped by preschool, k-3rd, 4-6th, 7-9th and 10-12th. Some of the curriculum that we will be using is Handwriting Without Tears, Shurley English, Simply Charlotte Mason, and Math U see to name a few. Enrichment classes taught throughout the year will be music, art, and Spanish.

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Our Charlotte Mason inspired lessons are short and simple making it easy for multi-age classes and helping support homeschooling families that have to organize lessons for more than one child. In addition to having classes on Good Shepherd Church premises we will also meet at Oak Nature Preserve and other beautiful parks for nature study, and herbalist classes. For families that have at least one student in or above Kindergarten we offer a separate class for our early learning siblings where they will participate in story time, singing and montessori inspired activities.

We are a homeschool cooperative, which means that everyone has the opportunity to help out. One parent from each family is required to stay on the premises and either teach or help out in a class. The more parents and students that join, the stronger and more fulfilling our community will be. We are excited to use the expertise of our parents to train our children in a beautiful and joyful learning enviornment.

Our Classes

Picture study is one of the many ways Charlotte Mason spread a feast of learning before her students. Through this quick lesson students of all grades learn about history and an appreciation for art. This year we will be learning about Monet, Van Gogh and Degas.

Through classic literature students learn from example a proper way of writing and even speaking. Additionally, they learn to appreciate well written books over twaddle. This year we will be reading such books as Peter Pan, Charlotte's Web and Jungle Book.

Like picture study, music study opens up a feast of exploration to the student. Learning about these subjects give each student something to write and talk about. This year we will be studying Bach, Vivaldi and Mozart.

As a Christian organization we are committed to teaching our children the Bible. We begin our classes every morning by singing and memorizing our scriptures. We will also be reading straight from the bible from Genesis through Deuteronomy.

This year we will be studying Ancient Greece through living books and the bible. Additional assignments will be given to older grades and there will be activities for all grade levels. Your child will be well versed in Ancient Greece by the end of the year.

To walk hand in hand with our Ancient Greece studies we will be mapping the Middle East this year. Students will be able to recite by memory all countries in the Middle East as well as draw a map with rivers and mountains. We will also be studying modern day communities for social studies.

Along with copywork, dictation and narration we will be using Handwriting Without Tears and Spelling You See to train students to have excellent print and cursive. We will also pay attention to detail in grammar as well as using Shurley English to further writing skills. We also have guided writing and free writing courses.

Our math program might be the most exciting course we have to offer. We will be using both Math U see, Life of Fred and Britain's MEP math. Both courses are excellent for training the student to use mental math and to understand why we use math.

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